Alpha Advanced Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Alpha Advanced Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

Alpha Advanced is a natural product formulated to increase the user's stamina and strength. According to its manufacturer, this supplement is used by personal trainers and professional athletes. This product has been designed to burn body fat of the user and to help the individual to gain lean muscle mass through longer, stronger, and more effective workouts. The manufacturer of Alpha Advanced is the company called RevLabs. It is based in California and has functioned since 2012. They also offer a few other products to make their users' workouts more effective, to help them burn fat, gain muscle, and recover faster from workouts.

Alpha Advanced has to be used before a workout for better effect as it promises to enhance one's strength, power, and endurance at the gym. It claims to do this by combining certain ingredients that boost energy levels in the human body. The manufacturer claims that this supplement does not cause any side effects like other pre-workout substances do. It is said to be a natural formula free of stimulants. Despite the company's claims about lasting results associated with the supplement, some users have expressed their concerns about the effectiveness of Alpha Advanced. To understand whether the product really works let us have a closer look at its ingredients.

Ingredients of Alpha Advanced - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer bothers to note that they make their products with the use of premium ingredients, based on scientifically proven formulas, and in a safe setting. According to the official website, Alpha Advanced has been designed to influence metabolic rate mainly. When RevLabs team was formulating this supplement, they selected a combination of ingredients that are engaged into the process of creating and using cellular energy of the body. This is directly linked to the training intensity. The goal of this product is to increase the effectiveness of this mechanism during physical activity. In order to benefit from this pre-workout product to the fullest, the manufacturer recommends users to take two capsules of the supplement before each workout.

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The main goal of the team was to boost the power of the human body by increasing the levels of nitric oxide. It uses coenzyme Q-10 included into the formula of this supplement. CoQ10 is a natural ingredient that makes human cells produce Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. The latter is a substance that takes part in increasing muscle mass and physical performance. Better production of nitric oxide and ATP means stimulating the work of the human body. But what are the other ingredients of Alpha Advanced?

According to the supplement label, the product contains Vitamin B9 (as Folic Acid), Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Calcium (as Calcium Ascorbate), Lovage root and rhizome, L-Citrulline, Lovage Levisticum Officinale powder, L-Norvaline, L-Taurine, Ubidecarenone (also known Coenzyme Q10), and Beet Nitrate. It is unknown, however, whether the supplement contains any other additional ingredients. This risk is really high because there must be some substances that keep the active ingredients fresh and active. Most probably that they are chemical.

The manufacturer mentions some research in which some of these ingredients have been proven effective; however, there is no proof on the official website. As it is claimed by the company, each of these ingredients targets the body's energy sources, strength and ability to grow muscles. The supplement is said not to contain any stimulants like caffeine. However, its natural character is under question for there is no full ingredient list on the official website.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is no information on possible side effects or adverse reactions of the product on the company's site. However, it does not mean that the formula is completely safe to use. Common side effects of this product include headache and nausea. Further, we will take a look at the users' testimonials and see what adverse reactions are associated with the use of Alpha Advanced. At the moment, it is necessary to say that the manufacturer makes to many unsubstantiated claims. It promises that the supplement increases free testosterone levels in your body, even though there is not really an ingredient in Alpha Advanced to be related to this process. They also claim that many elite athletes use the supplement. But where is the proof, any names or real testimonials? I failed to find any athlete endorsements elsewhere online too. There is a statement that the product combats renegade testosterone blockers. How does it do this? I was unable to understand what is meant by "renegade testosterone."

Alpha Advanced cannot show any results unless it is used in combination with a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet that presupposes an adequate set of nutrients and amount of calories. This product should be avoided by users under, women and people who suffer from chronic diseases or take any prescription drugs on a regular basis. In any case, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using this product as it can contain ingredients which can be potentially harmful for your health. Let us have a look at what real users are saying about their experience of using this pre-workout supplement.

"They told me that I had 30 days to try Alpha Advanced but they charged my credit card in two days already. Besides, this staff gave me such terrible jerks that I thought I was going to die. It is necessary to shut this scam down. I demand my money back!"

"I bought AlphaAdvanced only because they offer free trial for only $4.95. I hadn't even opened the product when they charged me $89.95. I phoned to my credit card company who recommended me to send the parcel back. I did but they don't want to give my money back!"

"Alpha Advanced is a scam! I have been trying to return my money from this company for the past eight months. The product did not work for me, I called them and told them that I was going to return the product. They returned only half of my money."

Where To Buy Alpha Advanced?

This supplement can be bought through a free trial offer on the official website. even though they say that you have to pay only for shipping and handling ($5.95) they will charge your card in a few days the full cost of the product ($89.74). A lot of disappointed customers complain of such actions but they are unable to get full refund when returning the product. It isn't available on Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

My Final Summary

I am not enthusiastic to recommend Alpha Advanced taking into account so many negative facts about this supplement. It has an extremely high price and, even though they offer a 10-day free trial, your credit card will be charged in two days already. You can find a great number of testimonials from unsatisfied customers. The manufacturer didn't even bother to provide the full ingredient list of the supplement. The company doesn't provide any clinical evidence for the effectiveness of the product. There is high risk of side effects when using Alpha Advanced too. It is better to look for a more effective and safer testosterone booster manufactured by a reputable company.

Affordable Alternative

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