BioMuscle XR Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY BioMuscle XR Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

BioMuscle XR is a dietary supplement that is claimed to speed up the muscle growth and to offer you more benefits from your workouts. The product is made by a company called BioMuscle XR. The official website contains a contacted phone number and email. There are a lot of complaints related to the company called Fulfillment Center which has the same address.

The supplement offers a trial but the number of orders is limited to 250 trials per day. You will have to pay $6 fee for shipping. At the same time you can find quite many negative reviews about the supplement online. BioMuscle XR official website claims that the product includes natural ingredients without any fillers but whether it is really so we will learn further.

Ingredients of BioMuscle XR - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

BioMuscle XR contains three main ingredients: L-citrulline, L-arginine, and L-norvaline. All of these components are amino which are used by the whole body, mainly for increasing strength and for the muscle gain. Let us have a closer look at every of these ingredients. L-arginine is used by the body for making protein. Usually it is received from food, for instance, red meat. L-arginine widens blood vessels by increasing the production of nitric oxide. L-citrulline has the same principal of work. This improves the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are also promised to enhance blood circulation in the body, increase stamina and sexual performance. Beta-Alanine reduces muscle fatigue and boosts energy levels.

BioMuscle XR

The manufacturer of BioMuscle XR does not give information of how L-norvaline works, it only claims that it helps to create more lean muscle. All these ingredients are said to enhance your pump but there is no any scientific evidence proving this fact. In general, the list of its components is quite long: L-Citrulline, L-Norvaline, L-Arginine, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Glutamine, BCAA, L-isoleucine, L-Leucine L-valine and some others.

Zinc is an additional ingredient in BioMuscle XR which is said to participate in repairing broken muscles and to stimulate muscle growth but it can be harmful in big dosages. Acai Berry is claimed to enhance the digestion process, increase the energy levels and the immune system. Green tea protects the body from radical damage and possesses antioxidant properties.

As a specialist, I can say that these three ingredients should not be combined together to make one supplement because they simply do not work together. Besides, the manufacturer of BioMuscle XR does not even provide detailed information of what is contained in each capsule, what dosages of ingredients are included into the supplement. I would not risk and take such doubtful pills. Now just consider the fact that the product is quite expensive. You could expect to see the list the amounts of each component. For this reason BioMuscle XR looks like a $10 nitric oxide product but costs ten times more.

The creators of this product make too bold statements on their sales page, including claiming that it is an "all natural formula". In reality, no one can say whether these claims are true without even knowing the actual list of its ingredients and their proportions.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of BioMuscle XR does not mention any side effects of the supplement but as real users claim they exist quite often. The first one is acne which can be caused by the increased amounts of hormones. A person can become a gym addict. The official website contains many rave reviews written by supposedly satisfied users. There are even before and after photos. As these reviews seemed to be doubtful I decided to search around for true testimonials and reviews on third party websites, for instance, Yahoo Answers, Bodybuilding, and some forums, but most of these "reviews" were just a ridiculously bad way to advertise the supplement. However, I succeeded to find a few objective testimonials. Here are some of them.

"I decided to try a free trial of BioMuscleXR. I was supposed to pay only for the shipping $5.95. But they kept sending me the pills each month. I was charged about $70 for the one bottle and $87 for the other. At present I cannot contact them by their number."

"I ordered Bio Muscle XR through a free trial but I was greatly disappointed with this supplement. It does not work the way it is advertized. The trial cost me almost 90 dollars. This staff is nothing more than a scam. If you don't believe me order it yourself."

"BioMuscle XR cases aweful side effects. It made my stomach upset and I became very irritable. My nerves are on edge. I cancelled my program within 3 days because I learnt that this is a scam. Do not waste your time and money."

Where To Buy BioMuscle XR?

The only place you can buy BioMuscle XR is their official website.

You will be offered a 30-day trial version which costs $5.95. However, you will be automatically enrolled into a monthly program and charged about $90 per month. The product is not sold on GNC, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Amazon etc. It seems you cannot buy it outright but only through their free trial.

My Final Summary

I do not think that BioMuscle XR can take proper care of your body and offer you the shape you expect. One of the reasons is that the product has a lot of disadvantages. Many users claim that it is a scam. When you order the supplement and pay $5.95, you will be automatically enrolled into a monthly program. They will bill you $89.73 each month, unless you cancel it.

BioMuscle XR is not as effective as claimed by the manufacturer. Besides, they hide the full list of its ingredients and their dosages. According to many reviews, the supplement can lead to adverse reactions. So, is it worth paying $90 per bottle? I doubt. I would recommend saving your money on buying a more worthy product. The modern market offers more effective supplements for muscle growth out there.

Affordable Alternative

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