Create the Biceps of Your Dream with High Intensity Workouts

Michael Young

The Biceps are some of the most trained muscles in the human body. They are usually demonstrated by bodybuilders to show their muscular development. Even if you ask any of your friends to show you his or her muscles this person will no doubt flex their Biceps. People who get engaged in weight training, especially men, spend much time on performing lots of sets and reps in order to build arms similar to ones of their favorite professional bodybuilder. It's a pity, but they often tend to overtrain; consequently, they have poor results, if any.

One has to take into consider the fact that arm muscles are stimulated during workouts that involve back, shoulders and chest. So, it is important to avoid excessive training. The goal is to determine how many exercise sets/reps should be used to make muscles grow. There are diverse training protocols. Let's stop on the HIT, High Intensity protocol. It's the most effective way to quickly build arms, or any other muscle group.

What are the best exercises? It is advised to combine compound, or multi-joint, and isolation, or single joint exercises. Choose exercises focusing on different areas of muscles of your arms. To train Triceps, do short range exercises such as kickbacks and pressing movements like close-grip bench presses. Overhead extension movements also work well.

Biceps will start growing due to barbell curls, concentration curls, preacher curls, machine curls, and different rope handle curls. The best compound exercises are palms-forward barbell rows and palms-facing pull-downs.