Increase Power & Build Muscles With Forced Reps

Michael Young

1 For the beginning choose three exercises for upper body. These can be barbell curl, bench press, and lying triceps extension.

2 Select the poundage you can handle for four or five reps without help.

3 Find two training partners who would help you to raise the weight when you are out of strength. One should be standing at the left end of the bar, while another one - to the right.

4 Perform seven reps, the last two should be forced out. Each exercise is to be performed in 3-5 sets.

5 Overtraining is often inevitable with force reps, so one needs to take additional Vitamin C from bioflavinoids, as well as enough sleep and protein.

6 Your workout program shouldn't be too long, perform six to eight exercises for the other body parts.

7 Don't follow the forced reps program for any part of the body for more than a month. Take rest for a few weeks, then hit any other area or two, have rest again and go back to the extensions, curls, and prones. Only following this order you will see your muscles grow.