Methods of Making New Muscles Grow

Michael Young

You have probably noticed that in the beginning of your workout practice your muscles grow very actively but then their growth slows down despite you continue to train as intensively and frequently as earlier. As a result, you work very hard but you see less or no feedback - all of your efforts are in vain.

Of course, the main reason for such a phenomenon may be doing the same exercises and sets. You should understand that definite training routines may work in the beginning of your sports activity but the human body has a tendency to adapt to stimulus very quickly and won't react in the growth of muscles any longer. The matter is that muscles need a lot of resources for their growth but the body takes the easy way to avoid building a muscle mass.

How can you "trick" your body to make it build new muscles?

As you can see, your body has adapted to high intensity exercises and muscle growth. But you are not satisfied with the size of your muscles yet. So, what can you do in this situation? It is very easy - change the intensity of your workouts, types of exercises, rep count, and the order of exercises. In a word, try to do your best to change the manner of your workouts and you'll see the results you lack.