Muscle XTX Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Muscle XTX Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

Muscle XTX is a muscle-boosting product that promises to strengthen your body, however, it should be used in combination with a good workout routine. It promotes better endurance, power, higher energy levels, and decreases fatigue after exercising. The supplement comes in the form of capsule, so it can be taken with you wherever you go. The capsules are said to be highly absorbent, which promotes long-lasting results. The product is claimed to bring quick results, however, it is not really an advantage, as it may mean that it works due to chemical or harsh elements in the formula.

The manufacturer behind Muscle XTX is unknown, however it has its own official website which seems to be commercial mainly. It contains minimal information on the product concerning its ingredients and possible side effects. It seems to be another free trial scam. Actually, the website promotes Muscle XTX by using information about a totally different product called Alpha XTRM. Let's see whether this product is worth buying a sizable amount of cash by learning how it works.

Ingredients of Muscle XTX - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Muscle XTX features only a small number of the ingredients it contains. The full ingredient list is not given on the official website. So, the supplement's formula includes Pure NO Super Molecule, L-Citrulline and L-Taurine. The two last ingredients are quite known as they are commonly used in many other muscle-enhancing products, but the Pure NO Super Molecule is something new. It is a blend ingredient that is not found in other products of the kind. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer does not offer a detailed description of what Pure NO Super Molecule is and what it does.

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I believe that the so-called Pure NO Super Molecule is the amino acid L-arginine. The manufacturer calls it a "super molecule" to impress potential customers with a new component. L-arginine is a building block in the human body that is usually obtained from the diet. This compound is used for diseases of heart and blood vessel including high blood pressure, chest pain, congestive heart failure (CHF), and coronary artery disease. It can be helpful for increasing the immunity, preventing the common cold, improving athletic performance, and preventing inflammation in the body. L-arginine works in the body because it can be converted into nitric oxide, a chemical that causes blood vessels widens for better blood flow. It is also said to stimulate the production of insulin, growth hormone, and some other chemicals in the body. However, there is no sufficient evidence that it can improve your exercise performance and help you build muscles.

L-citrulline is a natural amino acid that can be found in watermelons and is made by the body. It is used to treat Alzheimer's disease, dementia, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, sickle cell disease, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and diabetes. Some people use it for increasing energy levels, body building, and for improving athletic performance. The human body changes L-citrulline into L-arginine, another amino acid mentioned higher. Still, there is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of L-citrulline for increasing exercise performance. One research test showed that it failed to improve performance on a treadmill.

L-Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid, another building block of protein in the human body. It can be found in the brain, heart, retina, and blood cells. Taurine can be additionally taken from the diet or supplements. It is not known exactly why and how taurine works, especially when it comes to improving the heart function. There is insufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness for removing muscle soreness and improving physical performance. It is restricted to usage by some people.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Muscle XTX official website gives no information about possible adverse reactions associated with this supplement. However, what is known for sure is that some of its active ingredients can be harmful. Let's take L-arginine. It can cause worsening of asthma, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, gout, allergies, blood abnormalities, airway inflammation, and low blood pressure.

Taurine is possibly safe when taken by adults by mouth in low amounts for a short period of time. However, it is given to children in some cases. This compound is not usually associated with any side effects but there is one case of brain damage in an athlete who took about 14 grams of taurine together with anabolic steroids and insulin.

Muscle XTX should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women, patients with bipolar disorder, allergic people and asthmatics, those suffering from cirrhosis, guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency, herpes or low blood pressure. L-arginine can be very dangerous for people who had a recent heart attack or surgery, as well as those who suffer from kidney disease. There are many users' reviews about Muscle XTX online. Most of them carry a negative character. Here are some of them.

"Muscle-XTX is a scam. Don't even buy this product. I bought the product a month ago and was charged before the trial term finished. Now I cannot get my money back. I tried to talk to a supervisor but they never could find one."

"This is the worst body-building supplement I have ever tried. The company behind Muscle xtx charged my account six times for the product they never sent to me. Give my money back. I cannot even reach them by phone. Each time, their system fails."

"Muscle XTX didn't work for me at all, so I called them to stop shipments each month. However, they kept charging my credit card even after I canceled the trial program. All they did is offered me a 30% refund. Crooks!"

Where To Buy Muscle XTX?

One bottle of the product costs $95, but you can order it through their free trial offer. However, you should remember to cancel it before being charged by phone. The term of free trial lasts 18 days. Actually, many customers claim to be billed before that period ended. It isn't available on Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

My Final Summary

Muscle XTX has a number of disadvantages. I am a bit confused with what it is in reality. The bottle of the product says it is a testosterone booster, while its ingredients say that it is a pre-workout supplement. We only know three ingredients in Muscle XTX, all the other ingredients are kept in secret. Besides, we don't know how much of those substances are used in the supplement. There is a big mistake in their marketing. They use the description of another product in all the text under the picture of Muscle XTX on one of their websites. It is an extremely expensive product to have such mistakes. There are no reasons to buy and use this supplement. You should look for a more reliable product.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors consider that the problem can be well solved by another product known as Testogen. I completely agree with them because I study many products of the kind! I recommend you reading my review about Testogen. You'll be pleasantly surprised.