Testosterone-Boosting Products

Michael Young


Consuming such seafood as shrimp is a wonderful way to boost your vitamin D levels, which is tightly connected with the high Testosterone levels. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston have concluded that men with higher levels of vitamin D have higher levels of testosterone.

A lot of people nowadays have extremely decreased vitamin D levels, especially during the cold part of the year. This could make your testosterone levels fall.


Coconut is able not to only enrich your diet with a tropical vacation, but it can also support your T-concentrations at healthy levels. The reason is saturated fat contained in this big nut, which is necessary for testosterone production.


Pumpkin seeds contain a great amount of zinc. It is a mineral responsible for diverse enzymatic reactions in the human body, especially those that take part in testosterone production. One of the latest studies published that men with a low zinc intake suffered from decreased testosterone levels.


You are probably surprised with the news that low-brow wheat bran can jack up your levels of Testosterone. Nevertheless, the fiber-rich bran of the wheat kernel is a wonderful well of the mineral magnesium. The scientists from Turkey conducted a study in which they found that people who were consuming lots of magnesium had higher testosterone concentrations. In addition, it was found out that magnesium bolsters testosterone more efficiently than high-intensity exercise.