P6 Extreme Reviews - What Is It?

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WARNING: DO NOT BUY P6 Extreme Cuts Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

If you want to boost your testosterone levels without doctor's prescription medications, Cellucor P6 Extreme promises to be a 3-in-1 product that inhibits estrogen formation, increases testosterone production in the human body, and minimizes DHT conversion. It means that the user will benefit from increased strength, libido, energy levels and lean muscle mass. Is this a revolutionary testosterone booster or is it a waste of money? Let's answer these questions by taking a look at the facts about the product. Cellucor P6 Extreme has an official website, according to which this supplement is specifically formulated to promote testosterone production and optimize the processes in your body in a natural way.

The company behind this testosterone booster is called Cellucor and specializes in the product of natural dietary supplements that are mostly meant to support muscle growth, enhance or inhibit specific hormones and improve one's bodybuilding experience. The company also provides information regarding weight loss that can be used by both athletes and ordinary people who want to gain nice muscle mass and boost their performance. Aside from supplements, the company's website also provides motivational and nutritional information regarding weight loss and training for athletes. GNC is the largest retailer selling Cellucor products, which can also be found in brick and mortar stores.

Ingredients of P6 Extreme - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

P6 Extreme

As a matter of fact, there is no complete ingredient list of the product on the official website, we found out that it includes the following ingredients: Proprietary P6 Extreme Blend 947mg: Black Cohosh extract, Ovine Placenta Powder, Beta Sitosterol, Agaricus bisporus extract, Wild Yam extract, Stinging Nettle extract, Salvia sclarea extract, Bayberry extract, and Tribulus alatus extract 250mg. Let us take a closer look at each of the product's ingredients. The active ingredient in the supplement is ovine placenta powder. It can be found in many other natural testosterone enhancers. However, according to Webmd, this medication is used mainly to moisturize dry, scaly, rough, itchy skin and to treat skin irritations. Nothing is mentioned about its impact on testosterone levels. Tribulus alata is believed to improve the body's stamina and strength. The next ingredient in P6 Extreme is the beta-sitosterol, which is responsible for convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This helps to support a hormonal balance in the human body and to avoid side effects such as an increase in breast size and baldness.

According to the Cellucor official website, you are recommended to take two capsules of P6 Extreme in the morning and in the evening, no matter before or after eating. You are expected to see the first effects after 5-7 days of use, as promised by the manufacturer. Remember, that once you begin taking the product, you can use it for up to eight weeks. Then you are recommended to take a 4-week break. The supplement can be combined with other products of the company to enhance the results. Nothing is mentioned about taking it together with any other medications. Some of P6 Extreme's ingredients may cause side effects that will be discussed further. According to the company, the supplement is produced in a facility that may also process eggs, milk, soybeans, fish, shellfish, tree peanuts, and nuts. It means that you could face a serious allergic reaction if you are allergic to any of these foods. The product may also contain ingredients prohibited by sports organizations. One could face a problem if they are regularly tested for drugs enhancing physical performance.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Even though the manufacturer of P6 Extreme does not mention any side effects on their official website, it does not mean that it is a completely safe supplement. Some of its ingredients work by facilitating testosterone production in the human body's, thus, the body uses the testosterone faster. As a result, P6 inhibits the production of estrogen that blocks testosterone. Some of the most common side effects can include an increase in body hair for women and baldness among men. Since testosterone has an impact on the human nervous system, the user may experience noticeable mood changes while taking P6 Extreme. Other potential side effects include: anxiety, headaches, numbness, depression tingling skin, excessive sweating, dry mouth, irritability and increased flatulence.

Fortunately, a lot of consumers have left their reviews about P6 Extreme on third party websites, which gives us an ability to make a wise buying decision. It appears that the product has an evenly mixed online reputation, with the most common compliments citing no side effects, increased lean muscle mass, and higher energy levels. The most common complaints reference the same things but from the opposite point of view, including high price, failure to increase testosterone levels, and undesired side effects (light headed, headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness etc.).

"I bought P6 Extreme at GNC as I was told that it was the strongest T-booster on the market. But after my first dose I experienced a terrible stomach ache. The next day I tried it again and had the same side effect. I wasted more than 100 dollars. Then I started taking the supplement in the middle of my meal, which made me feel less sick. I didn't notice any libido increase or strength gains. My vascularity was the only thing that improved. I would suggest trying other supplements"

"I took P6Extreme about six months ago because the man at the supplement shop said that this product was the strongest one of its kind. When I first started using it, I felt increased energy to work out but very soon I ceased to feel any positive effect. It was a huge waste of money! I am very surprised that such an expensive product turned out to be so ineffective ($220)"

"My sex drive went down as I started taking P6 extreme. Another huge downside of this product is its high price. I can buy several testosterone boosters from other brads for such money. I was not impressed with the product, so I will not buy it again ever. At present, I am looking for something cheaper"

Where To Buy P6 Extreme?

One can purchased the supplement through Cellucor with an ability to choose from two purchasing options. A bottle of 120 capsules costs $120, while a bottle of 180 capsules is priced at $150. The product comes with free shipping for all members of the company, while non- members have to pay $5 for Standard shipping. The supplement is also available through Amazon, GNC, Walmart and other third-party retailers.

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, it has to be said that P6 Extreme cannot improve your performance results by increasing testosterone levels, based on many customers' reviews. Some ingredients in the product my cause certain side effects including gynecomastia associated with the enlargement of mammary glands in men. If you need to enhance your vitality, boost free testosterone levels, and increase muscle strength you are recommended to look for another testosterone booster. The modern market offers a lot of high-quality products with clinically-tested ingredients. At present, I cannot recommend P6 Extreme.

Affordable Alternative

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